What’s The Difference Between A Pram And A Pushchair?

A Pushchair Is Suitable For Both Newborns And Older Babies.

A pushchair is usually suitable for newborns and older babies and is generally more sturdy compared to strollers. The seat should be reclinable, and you should be able to have it forward-facing or parent-facing. Pushchairs are also foldable in most cases.

Depending on who you talk to, a buggy can be a stroller or a pushchair. But either way, a stroller is ideal for older babies and is easier to transport. They are both lightweight and collapsible.

Depending on your lifestyle and how active you want to be while out with your child. There are a host of different pushchairs for you to choose from, each offering its advantages.

You can buy a two-in-one or a three-in-one pushchair which comes with a carrycot. An all-terrain pushchair for the more active parents, and what about a tandem or a double pushchair? And if that’s not enough to choose from, you can also get travel systems which include a car seat for good measure.

Pushchairs usually come with some handy features such as swivel wheels and enclosed carrycots. But they’re often bulky and heavy and difficult to fit in the car boot when folded. They can also be expensive.

All-terrain Pushchairs Are Great For Navigating Rough Terrain!

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and want to share some of that beauty with your child, an all-terrain pushchair is what you need. Perfect for navigating the bumpy terrain, the chunky wheels and suspension will keep your baby comfortable as you ride over the rough terrain. Remember to double-check the size of your car boot, as they are bulkier than a standard pushchair and may not fit in an average-sized boot.

The Hauck Runner, Jogger Style, 3-Wheeler, Pushchair with Extra Large Air Wheels is a nice little buggy

Travel Systems Are Great If You Travel Often.

Travel systems are handy and come with a carrycot and a car seat attachment. They are great if you intend on doing a lot of traveling but may need upgrading sooner rather than later as your baby will grow out of one rather quickly.

Double Or Tandem Pushchairs Can Be Heavy And Difficult To Push.

Twins? If so, you’ll be needing one of these. They are also great for an older baby as they will provide more room. But are typically used for pushing twins around. And as you would expect, they are bigger than a standard pushchair, and some may be too large to navigate through a shop without knocking things over. The added weight can make them more difficult to push as well.

What Type Of Pram Is Best For A Newborn?

We would say the most important thing is comfort and lying position. As long as your baby can lay comfortably on their back, you are on the right track.

The other things to consider are the environment you live in, etc.

If you live in the city, you will want a pram that is more mobile, easier to push, and bump up curbs. And, think about navigating through the crowded streets. Checking and comparing pram weights will give you an idea of how mobile it will be.

Here is a great lightweight pram on amazon

And if you are lucky enough to live in a rural environment, an all-terrain pram with larger wheels will, more often than not, be the best option.

Other Things To Consider When Buying A Pram.

How Do You Intend To Travel?

If you use a car for most of your travel, you will want a pram that can fold and fit in the car boot with ease. It will also need to be light enough to lift on your own, as you cannot guarantee someone will be there to help you get it in.

What About Your Daily Shop?

Depending on your shopping habits, you may want or need a pram that offers some storage space. Often this would be in the form of a basket, which allows you to carry some items.

How Easy Does The Pram Fold?

A little bit of the chicken or egg scenario, in play here, but no need to worry. Look over past reviews to see what others are saying. It is a crucial feature for many, so it will be brought up by others leaving a review. You will get a good idea of how easy the pram folds.

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