What should you do before trying for a baby?

What should I do specifically, such as getting pregnant? It’s a major premise that you don’t use contraception, but should you prepare for pregnancy …?

I didn’t have any experience around me, so I searched online for the time being. Among them, I decided to do what I thought was good for the time being.

Take folic acid: 

In recent years, TV commercials for folic acid supplements have been made, and the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare seems to recommend actively taking folic acid. This is what came to my mind for the time being.

However, after a lot of research, folic acid alone is not enough. The

supplements for pregnant women that you often see in commercials also contain various things such as iron, calcium, zinc, etc. In addition to folic acid.

While taking folic acid itself for pregnancy, the baby must grow firmly in the womb during pregnancy.

There are many types of folic acid supplements, but not all are the same, and all have their characteristics.

I am ordering a trial size that satisfies the content I want while comparing the specifications.

Measure basal body temperature

Understanding the basal body temperature, which is important for women for their health management.

Because of my work commitments, I was afraid that I had to measure at a fixed time in the morning and before I got up, so I could not challenge until now.

However, various products are being developed now.

At a fixed time! I ordered something that can transfer data in cooperation with the application because I decided to try it for the time being without having to stretch my shoulders.

It seems that the thermometer was finally starting to return to the market, and when I looked for it, I managed to buy it at a fixed price.

I will do my best for the time being.

Talk about the pregnancy master plan with your partner.

I didn’t realize it, but two people who grew up in different homes indeed became one family, so it’s natural to have separate ideal home images. When I talked about it again, I got a surprisingly different opinion. I want two people, but I wonder how much space between them should be. It became clear that what I was thinking was different, so I needed to think about it while considering my career plan.

In our case, we did not agree on all the directions now but conducted it, intending to clarify future issues.

Purchase pregnancy magazines:

Furthermore, to share the recognition with my husband. I bought it because it seems that the information is evenly posted, and was listed in various ways! What I bought was the “Pregnant Egg Club” at the bookstore.

I did not know much about folic acid until after I became pregnant and began to learn about the female body during and after pregnancy. Much of this learning was done while reading my favorite magazine.

And the best thing was that the couple could talk about various things while fluttering through the magazine. It’s not easy to get a wide depth of knowledge from reading magazines. But with the seeds of each story and topic in the magazine. I was able to share my awareness of fertility and other things with my partner.


After all, the first thing you should do when thinking about fertility is probably “conversation. I felt that no matter how close a couple is, there is always a difference of opinion, and if they can understand the difference, both can discuss it more appropriately.

Since they are two people who grew up in different families, environments, and lands, I would like to slowly agree on their opinions, even if I don’t need to agree with them right away.

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