How To Cleanse Your Face?

Fresh and well-groomed skin of the face allows you to feel confident without even applying makeup. As for the appearance of various inflammations, comedones, and acne on the skin, then no make-up will help here, complex care and urgent cleaning are required here.

Cleaning the skin of the face today is possible using different hardware methods, moreover, the choice of a cleaning method must necessarily be based on the characteristics and type of skin.

For people with problematic and oily skin, manual cleaning is considered the most effective method. Its essence is in opening pores by steaming, using a steam inhaler, or as a result of applying a special pore-opening composition to the skin. After that, the pores are exposed either to direct pressure from the beautician’s fingers, or to the action of special spoons (the so-called mechanical cleaning). Thus, every clogged pore is treated.

The key to preventing undesirable consequences of manual or mechanical cleaning of the skin of the face is, of course, its professional performance. Unprofessional cleaning, however, will inevitably lead to inflammation, redness, and microtrauma on the skin.

The result of a high-quality manual or mechanical cleanser will be the cleansing of both superficial and deep comedones, removal of sebaceous plugs, wen, narrowing of pores, as a result of which an improvement in complexion is observed. Moreover, any cleansing of facial skin is like artificial respiration. Pores cleaned of impurities better absorb moisture and oxygen.

Naturally, mechanical cleaning has its own contraindications, and it is this procedure that is categorically not suitable for owners of sensitive skin prone to long-term healing. Another disadvantage of the method is its invasiveness and significant pain.

Tips to reduce facial pores

Enlarged pores are a problem that probably every fifth girl faces. And sometimes it’s not even about genetics, but about improper skincare. After all, if you ask whether a girl knows her skin type, the overwhelming majority will give either a negative or an incorrect answer. But it is skincare that can protect you from all sorts of problems. But what if the problem with enlarged pores has already overtaken? There are several types of troubleshooting procedures.

Enlarged pores are a kind of problem of improper cleansing of the upper layer of the skin. A large number of girls are limited only to morning washing, and even such a procedure is not always managed correctly. It is worth washing your face only with warm water, but you should forget about grandmother’s recipes since cold water in the morning injures the skin even more. The second important aspect is the means for washing, which should be selected, also based on the type of facial skin. It is also worth carrying matting wipes with you, because when you sweat, especially in the hot season, a colossal amount of bacteria is released, which have a detrimental effect on the body.

Also, with the problem of enlarged pores, it is worth focusing on the deep cleansing of the skin. After all, enlarged pores can cause problems such as pollution of the epidermis. To eliminate such a nuisance, it is worth using scrubs, better, homemade. But with cosmetic clay, you should be careful, since clay is now produced in production and a person may be allergic to additives. An allergy test should be performed before use. Otherwise, it is better not to use clay.

Even with such a problem as blackheads, girls are required to moisturize their skin in a timely manner. The fact is that without proper hydration, the skin begins to produce more fat cells, which clogs the pores and causes other problems. By the way, for better hydration, it is worth using products that include retinol. This miracle substance is able to heal minor abrasions and smooth out irregularities in the skin, as well as get rid of acne marks.

For a competent fight against enlarged pores, the correct application of cosmetics is important, and not the rejection of it. Usually, in such cases, a primer is applied first. And one more tip: Before applying makeup, it is best to use moisturizers, not foundations.

Effective peeling. Making your skin look younger

Modern cosmetology offers many options for maintaining the natural beauty of the epidermis. It is very important to keep your face fresh and clean because it is not always possible to hide behind makeup. This is why treatments designed to cleanse and refresh skin are so popular.

Most often, to cleanse the epidermis, experts recommend resorting to various peeling options. But what is this procedure?

Types and features of peeling

This method of action provides the removal of several superficial layers of epithelial tissue. In fact, dead cells are exfoliated. In addition to cleansing, peeling provides additional nutrition to the skin and also triggers the process of renewal of the collagen framework, which has a beneficial effect on skin tone.

According to the degree of impact, there are three types of procedure:

– superficial – involves only the removal of the upper layer of cells to give the skin a fresh look;

– medium, in which several layers of cells are removed, and nutrition of the epidermis and restoration of the protein framework is stimulated;

– deep.

The latter type of procedure is used to eliminate scar tissue, deep wrinkles, and skin imperfections. Such peeling is contraindicated under the age of 25 because young skin itself is capable of regeneration and renewal.

Peeling is distinguished according to the method of exposure:

– chemical;

– mechanical;

– hardware.

The surface treatment is most often done mechanically, in which various abrasive materials are used to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, for example, ground walnut shells or bones. This effect not only renews the epidermis but is also a kind of massage that improves the nutrition of all layers of the skin.

Hardware peeling can be performed in various ways. Ultrasonic treatment is quite popular, which is similar in its effects to lifting. An interesting option for cleaning the skin is vacuum treatment, due to which all toxins and toxins are removed. Deeper treatment is carried out by means of a laser, which can not only renew the upper layers of the skin but also remove age spots or scar tissue.

The subtleties of the procedure

When using such cleaning of the skin, you can significantly improve its appearance, as well as its condition by improving the nutrition of all layers of the epidermis. But the procedure also has subtle points.

Chemical peels can achieve remarkable results, but they are still the most dangerous type. By itself, this method does not pose any danger, provided that the cosmetologist is sufficiently qualified and the use of licensed drugs. If the peeling is carried out by an inexperienced person who has a poor understanding of the technology, such a master can cause significant damage to the skin. This is why it is so important to carefully choose a salon or clinic for all cosmetic procedures.

After such a renewal, the skin should be given time to recover. Therefore, you should not be in direct sunlight, and you also need to constantly moisturize the surface of the treated areas.

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