Can Alcohol Stop You From Getting Pregnant?

Can Alcohol Stop You From Getting Pregnant? Is it more difficult to get pregnant if you drink alcohol? Or is it the same either way?

There are times when we all need/want a drink. For those who like alcohol, many luxury items are said to be NG during pregnancy, not just alcohol.

It may be a topic that you wanted to avoid for a while to make it easier to get pregnant. But if you know it properly, both the uterus and the egg will be happy. I have researched my knowledge as a public health nurse and various things, so I would like to share it.

It would be nice if you could be careful about alcohol and not be too patient when you are pregnant at home.

What is the effect of alcohol on fertility?

When you drink alcohol, the active oxygen produced when it is broken down by the liver damages your body.

That doesn’t mean that everyone will be affected.

Is it okay to drink this much? 

A Danish study reported that 6120 women wishing to become pregnant were less likely to become pregnant if they drank more than 14 servings a week.

Drinking less than 14 servings per week has been announced as having no apparent effect on fertility.

In this study, one serving amount is like this.

・ Beer: 330mL (1 can of beer)

・ Wine : 120mL (1 glass)

・ Distilled liquor: 20mL

However, if it is OK to drink this amount 14 times, it is said that it is NG to take it immediately. About 1.2% of the women drink, so it is important to be careful to accept the results as they are.

It’s not safe for everyone to drink this much.

What about alcohol and pregnancy rates? 

Studies vary in results regarding alcohol and pregnancy rates.

It’s inconsistent, but to some extent, I know that drinking alcohol is important.

Just as each person has a different constitution, there may be a considerable difference in whether or not the effects of alcohol are exerted. The more alcohol you drink, the lower your pregnancy rate tends to be.

Harvard University’s EARTH Study found that 300 women before fertility had the right amount of alcohol and caffeine for a year (less than 12g a day for alcohol).

It has been reported that it does not adversely affect the endometrial thickness, the number of mature eggs acquired, the implantation rate, the pregnancy rate, and the birth rate.

Is it harder to get pregnant as the number of alcohol increases?

Some have shown that it was okay to drink this much, while others have reported that increasing alcohol intake makes it harder to get pregnant.

A study of 2,545 couples undergoing in vitro fertilization found that drinking more than 4 drinks of alcohol per week resulted in a 16% lower birth rate, a 21% lower chance of giving birth, and a 48% lower fertilization rate.

Since 1 drink in the United States is said to be 14 g of alcohol, 4 drink is about 2.7 units in Japan. (20g 1 unit in Japan)

You won’t be able to draw a clear line, but a couple of credits a week may be safe.

Is it better to be careful about alcohol during fertility treatment?

Let’s also look at the results of studies on the effects of diet and lifestyle on embryonic and blastocyst arrival rates. Alcohol was involved in lowering the quality of early embryos, and alcohol was also involved in lowering the blastocyst arrival rate.

Types of alcohol What is suitable for fertility?

Red wine, which is said to have a high antioxidant effect and contains a lot of polyphenols, can be said to be suitable for fertility.

Red wine is said to be OK with the Mediterranean diet, which is said to have increased the pregnancy rate, and the diet such as MIND.

Of course, an appropriate amount is good, but it is said that polyphenols are related to pregnancy. If you are pregnant easily and want to drink a little, it may be ant to borrow the power of wine rather than beer.


It’s not that you shouldn’t drink it at all while trying to get pregnant, but if you do, it’s best to use 2.7 units per week as a guide.

20g per day 1 unit is the limit, please set a rest day 3-4 days a week or more 

Also, there is no alcohol during pregnancy. Please look forward to drinking again after giving birth 

No matter how much a baby is given, it is difficult to get pregnant unless we live in harmony and have fun, and are healthy. So, I found that I could enjoy my pregnancy for the time being, and I tried to live a regular life so that I could stay healthy 

It is said that the foundation of health is food. Vegetables, fruits, and fish are all important. Also, stress increases during pregnancy, so it is important to get along well with your heart. Let’s refresh from time to time and proceed with the support of our husband again.

I hope you find it useful as a hint for pregnancy! 

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