Bonding With Baby During Pregnancy

Do you believe in communication with unborn babies? Some people think that mothers can communicate with their babies after delivery. However, I strongly believe that we can communicate with unborn babies (fetuses) when they are in the wombs. I shall share with you my experience. 

Belief in communication with unborn babies

The most important thing is the strong belief in communication with unborn babies. When you believe strongly in communication, you will try your best to find ways to reach the unborn babies. However, when you are not certain with your belief, you may miss the opportunity to communicate with the fetus. 

You will be able to communicate with the fetus

Commitment is to put your belief into action. You need to have a desire to communicate and put it into practice. With daily practice, you will be able to communicate with the fetus. Through dialogue, mediation, music, imagination, tapping, sending a positive and loving message and so on, we can communicate with the unborn babies. For example, you can get feedback from a fetus by asking the fetus to kick one time to indicate yes, and two times to indicate no. You need to practice it daily with the fetus until it becomes a language of communication.

Positive energy (love) will flow to the unborn baby

Pregnant women need to take care of their own emotional and nutritional needs. The more stable emotion of the mother, the more positive energy (love) will flow to the unborn baby. It helps to nourish the baby emotionally, mentally, and physically. A happy and healthy mother will give birth to a happy and healthy baby.

Believe strongly in prenatal communication

I communicated with my older son when he was 7 months old fetus. A year ago, he told me that it was very dark (no light) inside and he was playing with the water inside my womb. He could listen to the sound, but it was not very clear. Based on the feedback from my older son, I started to believe strongly about prenatal communication. The first pregnancy was very smooth.

The healing power of our minds

On the contrary, my second pregnancy was very complicated. I had a near abortion due to the detachment of the water bag when I was pregnant with my 7 weeks old fetus. I had internal bleeding and was hospitalized for treatment and observation. I was very scared and worried. I hoped that my fetus and I would be fine. I was lost and helpless. My mother asked me to try to talk to my fetus and ask for his help for recovery. Then, I lied down on the bed and listened to music and started to imagine that the blood clots were absorbed by the womb and the fetus could heal himself. Two weeks later, a miracle happened. (Show the pictures of scan for comparison). The blood clots disappeared. It showed the healing power of our minds.

Time off to develop a bond with my unborn baby

However, I had bleeding again during 15 weeks of pregnancy due to the low lying of the placenta. I was worried about the situation. I read a book about the risk of the low placenta, as it might lead to a premature baby. I was even more scared after reading. Later, my doctor advised me to take a rest at home. She hoped that my placenta would be at correct positioning by 28 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, I applied for unpaid leave for 4 months to rest at home. I used this opportunity to take care of my elder son and develop a bond with my unborn baby. My mother said to me over the international phone call (IDD), You can speak to the baby and ask him to position himself correctly. I believe it works. Then, I said to my unborn baby, I love you and I trust you that you can return to the normal position. At 22 weeks, the miracle happened again. My baby was back to normal positioning. Thanks for the valuable advice from my mother. I thought everything should be fine.

I needed to control my diet 

By 25 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). To my surprised, I could not believe it because I did not take sweet things or outside food. It was another blow for me. I was very restless and worried. The doctor said that I might have a higher chance of giving birth to a diabetic baby. Therefore, I needed to control my diet closely and monitor the sugar level. Can you imagine 6 times finger pricks per day? I was so scared to do it. I was sad when the blood cannot come out after pricking. At that moment, I was studying prenatal education from my teacher, May Ng, who gave me support and emotional assurance. May e-mailed her teacher Pamela to ask for help. I received a wonderful, loving, and assurance message from Pamela. My teachers, mother, and husband supported me. I decided to take charge of my life and my baby’s life again. I closely monitor my diet and sugar level. I treated the pain as an experience to share with children with diabetes, and I can understand them.  

Meditate and communicate with the fetus

My teacher told me to meditate and communicate with the fetus. Then, I whispered or use my heart to talk to him, Baby, you are very strong and healthy and free from diabetic. (Whisper to baby) I told my baby this loving message every day while listening to relaxing music. Finally, my baby was free from diabetes. It is a blessing for him. I wanted to express my gratitude to my teacher, May, and Pamela.

By 39 weeks, my fetus wanted to come out. I used the TENS (pain releasing machine) and Entonox gas to reduce my labor pain. When it was so painful, I closed my eyes and visualized the image of my baby, and it helped to reduce the pain I was feeling. When I sensed that the baby was about to come out, I asked the nurse to call the doctor. I told my baby, You shall come out fast with a few push. I am waiting to meet up with you. Surprisingly, the doctor came, and my baby was out with a few push (a few minutes). The name of my second son means wisdom and perseverance. With perseverance and determination, my son can meet up with me finally.

I was so pleased that I forgot that my placenta was still inside the womb. I bled a lot. Due to breathing a lot of gas, I fell unconscious for a while. Suddenly I was back in the birthing room. Then, the doctor called me and said, are you O.K.? I saw the ceiling of the room and told my doctor I was back. Luckily, the doctor helped me to expel the placenta within 45 minutes. If there had been a delay of another 15 minutes, I would have bled to death. Thanks to the doctor for saving my life. Life is so precious that I cannot afford to lose. I learn to appreciate and cherish life.

Conclusion – Makes a difference in the life of unborn babies.

Strongly believe in yourself and trust that you can do it. Be grateful to the people surrounding and supporting us. With conviction, commitment, and care for unborn babies, you can communicate and reach out to the unborn babies at the earliest stage. It helps to build up the bond with the baby. The sending of a loving and positive message makes a difference in the life of unborn babies. 

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