A Healthy Pregnancy Diet and Healthy Mother Go Hand in Hand

A healthy pregnancy diet and a healthy mother go hand in hand. Eating well is always important, whether you are expecting or not. During pregnancy, however, proper nutrition is especially important for expectant mothers because pregnancy is such a delicate time. What is put into the body has a profoundly greater impact since it affects […]

Bonding With Baby During Pregnancy

Do you believe in communication with unborn babies? Some people think that mothers can communicate with their babies after delivery. However, I strongly believe that we can communicate with unborn babies (fetuses) when they are in the wombs. I shall share with you my experience.  Belief in communication with unborn babies The most important thing […]

Physical Activity During And After Pregnancy

Physical activity works smoothly. Some benefits are immediate, others will be felt later. Thus, the regular practice of physical activity: • helps sleep better • increases energy • tones muscles • decreases stress • promotes better digestion • helps weight control • improves blood circulation • lowers blood pressure • strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis. […]